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Decades of experience and know-how acquired through diverse BIM project execution.

Collaborate with library and API developers to improve work efficiency

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2D to 3D BIM Conversion

3D Based Construction Documents

BIM Based Quantity Takeoff

BIM Based Construction Simulation

BIM Based  Facility Management

Project : Lotte World Tower

Architect: Kohn Peterson Fox

Contractor: Lotte E&C

2D to 3D BIM Conversion


  • 3D BIM modeling base on 2D drawings

  • Interdisciplinary coordination and clash detection

  • Coordination issue report

BIM Model by Discipline

Expected Results:

  • Check for drawing errors

  • Increase design quality by reducing design errors

Coordination Issue Report

Project Case Studies:


3D Based Construction Documentation


  • BIM model based constriction documentation

  • Coordination using visualized data

Expected Results:

  • Coordinated and accurate drawings

  • Increased productivity for design changes

  • Continuous BIM application into construction phase

BIM Modeling and Documentation

Generate DWG/PDF Drawings

Project Case Studies:


BIM Based Quantity Takeoff


  • 3D model, cost, and schedule management

  • BIM-based quantity takeoff and cost estimation

  • Alternative cost comparison analysis

Expected Results:

  • Quantity and cost takeoff by discipline

  • Compare quantity and cost by different designs

  • Construction cost estimate

3D Model Quantity Takeoff

BIM-based Cost Estimate

Project Case Studies:


BIM Based Construction Simulation


  • Interdisciplinary clash and constructibility check

  • Progress check in 4D simulation

  • Construction simulation and construction support

Expected Results

  • Prevent rework from coordination error

  • Construction equipment placement plan review

Construction Simulation

Project Case Studies:


BIM Based Facility Management


  • Establish facility management system based on BIM data

  • Aid decision-making through virtual review

  • BIM based facility management training

Expected Results:

  • Systematic facility management

  • Current equipment status check & better maintenance

  • Maintenance history record

Rent Management

Energy Maintenance

Building Management

Crime Prevention​

Accumulate data through sensors

Real-time monitoring

Facility Management System

Project Case Studies:


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smartCON Planner



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