BIMS (BIM Issue Management System) is an ARCHICAD add-on for automated issue-reporting process to facilitate smooth building coordination among project participants.

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BIMS is a collaborative tool for solving issues in a BIM project.

BIMS combines Power Point, Excel, Screen Capture Tool, PDF, Email and more into a single powerful issue coordination tool.

With the real-time BIM model and web system connection, even those without access to a BIM tool can easily check and review issues from anywhere, at anytime.

Major Users

Share issues directly from the BIM model

Review issues from anywhere, at anytime

Automatically generate issue reports

Track issues and design change history

What is BIMS?

BIMS (BIM Issue Management System) is an ARCHICAD add-on for an automated issue-reporting process

to facilitate smooth building coordination among project participants.


In this process, questions, ambiguities, errors, and any decision-making that requires clarification

is flagged and identified as an issue.


Currently a large portion of the AEC industry uses a combination of Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs

or similar documentation tools to manually create issue reports. 


BIMS offers a new workflow abridging the old method and streamlining the issue reporting process.


BIMS is integrated into ARCHICAD’s Teamwork function, eliminating the need to use multiple programs.

Issue data is linked with the BIMS web system, which enables other project participants

to instantly review and comment for a speedy issue resolution. 

System Workflow

Create Issue

  • Find Issue

  • Describe Issue

  • Insert Bubble

  • Capture Image

  • Send Issue


Review Issue

  • Receive Issue

  • Review Issue

  • Give Comments​

Correct Issue

  • Receive Comments

  • Revise BIM Model

  • Record Corrective Action​

Resolve Issue

  • Check Model & Corrective Action

  • Resolve Issue

#BIMS is a MUST for BIM Projects

A Look Inside BIMS Web System


Number of issues per project

(In-progress Issues/Resolved Issues)


Issue Information isn the BIM model is directly linked to the issue located for fast issue sharing and review

See all projects you are currently involved in




Set authorization levels to control user access to information

Developed by Kajima

Distributed by DoallTech

Issue List & Project Dashboard

BIMS combines PPT / Excel / Screen Capture Tool / PDF / Email and more into a single powerful issue coordination tool! Current issue status can be easily identified from the BIMS Dashboard, even with several concurrent projects. Efficiently manage issues by project, discipline, or type.

Fast Issue Resolution

Project managers on-the-go or without access to a BIM tool can review issues on the web or on a mobile device to quickly comment on issues for a speedy issue resolution. Within the BIM model users can click on an issue to be automatically directed to the issue location within the model for fast issue identification.

Authorization Settings

Control the quality of issue reports through authorization level settings for each user. With a structured hierarchy of works, issues are shared smoothly through each step of the workflow and controlled by managers and coordinators through the BIMS authorization settings.

Native BIM Tool Connection

User synchronization with GRAPHISOFT’s BIM Cloud system (same user environment)

Users can create issues directly in the BIM model, automatically generate reports, and resolve issues.

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