CEO Message

Creating value through technology innovation is at the center of our ideals in our continuous efforts in realizing the future of Digital Construction. To collect and efficiently utilize the intellectual resources and the raw data gained from construction projects is key to bringing the most value to your project and to gaining the competitive edge in the industry.

As an industry leader, DoallTech has gained recognition for:  

. Korea’s first web-based drawing management system development
. Korea’s first BIM technology implementation and industrialization
. Korea’s first ASP based construction project management solution (PMIS) development 
. World’s first RFID-based construction site manpower management solution development
. World’s first RFID+4D material management solution development (concrete mixer, steel, pc concrete, curtain wall)
. World’s first BIM-based temporary construction work planning solution development with Kajima
. Three time winner of Korea’s highest number of BIM project executions 
. Winner of FIATECH Technology Innovation Award (2007 CETI Award) 

DoallTech is founded on technology innovation and we have proven to be a global contender time and time again. 

We continue to strive to become a top tier IT company to provide the highest satisfaction and forge lasting relationships with our valued customers. 
CEO Cheolho Choi

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