Access Control System

for the Construction Site


Manage real-time construction site access information

from the web or any mobile device!

Connect Gateware access data with the web management system for real-time project management.

1. Track employee information in real-time

- Log check-in / check-out data for timekeeping and paycheck calculation

- Inspect number of workers currently on-site

2. Analyze work productivity for efficient construction management

- Measure the progress of construction work by trade compared with work time for optimal manpower allocation

3. Collect back data for future construction project planning

- Better plan for manpower allocation and scheduling in future projects based on data acquired

Gateware allows you to...

Access Control System for the Construction Site

Turnstile Gate Access

Vehicle Access

Walk-through Access

Equipment Access

Types of Information Managed through Gateware

Basic Employee Information

- all information managed in one system

- worker identification purpose (security reasons and access control)

- manage work hours for analysis (productivity, make sure workers aren’t overworked)

- automatic salary calculation

Medical Information

- for emergency situations

- knowing the worker’s blood type can be crucial in case of emergencies


- allergy information


- past medical history record

Employee History Record

- promote safe on-site practices


- work experience record

To manage this information,

we use the Gateware device.

  • GW developed as a result of on-site needs

  • Durable and weatherproof design

  • Tested in extreme temperatures

  • Compact and easy installation

Gateware is compatible with the following readers:

Current hardware is integrated with RFID reader with other readers available as add-on devices.

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