Integrated manpower / resource /

and progress management system

for the construction site

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The Essential Manpower/Resource Management System

Gateware is a manpower and resource management system optimized for the construction environment

for construction site access control and just-in-time management.


Resource management is a crucial component in modern construction projects,

which have grown considerably in both scope and complexity over the years.

With more to keep track of on a construction site, RFID and bio-based technology is used to

efficiently manage and account for resources.


Gateware is at the forefront of some of the most prominent projects worldwide,

providing a comprehensive construction site management system.

700 Projects

1500 Gateware

in 1500 Countries Worldwide


Accurate Manpower



Promote Safety Awareness

on the Field


Transparent Resource Management

Gateware System Features

Manpower Management

  • Accurate on-site access data

  • On-site security management

  • Construction worker medical information management

  • Data management by work type, vendor, occupation, date, etc.

  • Identification and access control of vehicles

Concrete Mixer Tracking

  • Assure quality of concrete through delivery time tracking

  • Reduce installation time by coordinating entry and exit times on site

  • Track concrete volume delivered in real-time by manufacturer, type, location, etc.

  • Automatically generate invoice by manufacturer

Material Management

  • Just-in-time management of long-lead materials

  • Data linked with 3D model for visual progress data

  • Improve quality with inspection of each material

  • Minimize risk of damage to materials and optimize use of staging area

Production Shipped En-Rout Delivered Installed

Excavation Management

  • Manage daily excavation quantity and turnover rate

  • Identify disposal sites for soil and waste

  • Effective future excavation planning through systematic information management

Gateware Device + Web Management Site

Gateware is a combined solution of access control hardware and web system for managing on-site access information.

Gateware Device:

Choose an authentication method

(Barcode, QR, RFID, Fingerprint, Iris, Face)

Gateware Management System:

Customize features for each project!​

Gateware Compatible Readers:

Current hardware is integrated with RFID reader with other readers available as add-on devices.

Gateware Implementation Case Study

World's Tallest Building

Burj Khalifa Project

Korea's Tallest Building

Lotte World Tower Project​

12,000 Workers Managed per Day 

Durable in extreme conditions

of 50~60C and sand storms

Separate access control for upper and lower floors.

5,300 concrete mixer pouring time 50% reduction.


Japan Construction Site

Kajima project implementation case

3D Model Based

​RFID + 4D Management

Visual material progress management solution integrating RFID and BIM


✔ Recognized at 700 sites around the world for over 17 years!

✔ Durable design optimized for the construction site

✔ Fast recognition to prevent entry delays

✔ All-in-one operating system, camera, and RFID reader integrated in device for compact and easy installation

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