Custom GDL library and API developments

for your efficient project execution.


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Library Development Service

  • General element library

  • Standardized object

  • Architectural 2D symbol

General Library

  • Project specific library development

  • Manufacturer specifications required for project

  • External data import/export

Project Library

  • Manufacturer specific product library development

  • Consider purpose, specifications, and use

  • Custom library development

Product Library

General  Library

General library are generic objects with the

most commonly found features in architectural design.

They feature general parameters and design options

with generic 2D architecture symbols.


End Cut Plan

Connection Type



Project  Library

Project libraries are developed for project use.

Project libraries are developed using specifications provided by the client or contractor.

Product  Library

Product libraries are developed for manufacturers

wanting their product range represented as GDL objects

for architects to download and utilize in their  design.

These libraries contain manufacturer specific

information and have customizable settings interface.