Project management platform

to help participants collaborate

and manage relevant information

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What is nexava?

Nexava is a project management information system to help project

participants collaborate and share project related information.


All project documents are processed on a common platform

through a secure document transmittal procedure and

managed in a pre-defined organization structure that is customized

to fit the unique needs of a firm or project.

Operate your entire project,

from document to construction management,

online on a single platform.

From milestones to construction management by detailed activities,

various reports allows for project participants to understand

and share real-time progress status.

Are you facing these issues?

✔ Inefficient communication among project participants

✔ Incompatible software used by different parties

✔ Enormous volume of reviewing submittals and relevant


✔ Long turnaround time for document processing

Unable to view up-to-date progress reports and documents

✔ Inefficient and costly manual workflow with constant

human errors

#Customized to Fit Your Workflow

Experience the freedom to manage any information you need!

Project Briefing​

- Project participant organization

- Project information

- Project schedule

- Project progress status

On-site Management

- Construction status report

- Construction site inspection

- Safety report

- Q/A report


Drawing Control

- Document Management

- Drawing Management

- Online correspondence

- Transmittal/approval

- Revision history

- Data history

Resource Management

(Linked with Gateware!)

- Manpower management

- Material progress management

- Ready-mix concrete tracking

Define Communication Workflow for

Streamlined Collaboration with PDM

(Project Document Distribution Matrix)

Set up reporting procedures to process high volumes of drawings, RFIs, change orders, and other documents

Stay connected and up-to-date with your project wherever you are

Create a project management system that fits your workflow

Seamlessly collaborate with project participants through automated reporting procedures

With nexava:

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