· Implemented CCTV for construction site security at Hyundai AutoEver, Uzbekistan UKAN project

· Implemented CCTV for construction site security at Hyundai E&C Pocheon i-park industrial development project


· Relocated company to Dangsan
· Contracted to supply Hanssem CAD (total of 2500 copies supplied)
· Implemented PMIS at Samsung E&C Plant HQ project
· Released NProject collaboration platform
· Released BIM based issue management solution (BIMS)
· Signed OEM distribution agreement with Singapore for DoallPMISTM


· Signed technology sharing agreement and partnership with Kajima Corporation, Japan
· Signed BIM service partnership with Fulcro, UK
· Implemented PMIS, manpower management, material tracking, and CCTV system at Busan Yongho-dong mixed-use building project
· Implemented PMIS at KACEM
· Contracted to develop ArchiCAD based BIM Library for Graphisoft Australia
· Provided BIM service at Icheon SK-Hynix project


· Developed BIM-based indoor environmental quality and energy performance analysis module for POSCO E&C
· Implemented Full BIM service, PMIS, manpower management, and CCTV system at LH New HQ project (2.6million USD in project value)
· Signed BIM service partnership with Thomson, USA
· Implemented PMIS at POSCO E&C Iraq and Poland projects
· Implemented PMIS at Singapore S-LNG Terminal project


· Provided BIM services at Lotte World Tower project (tallest skyscraper in Asia)
· Contracted to implement RFID and fingerprint based manpower management system at all GS E&C project sites
· Contracted to implement mobile-based PMIS at all Shinsegae E&C project sites
· Hosted Korea & Japan BIM International Conference
· Implemented PMIS at Lotte World Shenyang, China project


· Received BIM BEST Practice Award
· Implemented BIM service at Naval Police Academy Turn Key project
· Implemented PMIS, manpower management, and CCTV system at Saudi Qurayyah Plant project
· Announced mobile version of PMIS
· Implemented manpower management, vehicle management at New Uljin Nuclear Power Plant Building 1&2 project


· Received ’Technology Innovation Awards’ from FIATEC USA
· Received certification for new technology (RFID+4D progress tracking)
· Implemented PMIS,, manpower management, material tracking, RFID+4D, and BIM services at Shindorim D-Cube City project
· Developed BIM-based environmental analysis system for Samsung E&C
· Implemented PMIS, manpower management and material tracking at Lotte World Tower project (tallest skyscraper in Asia)


· Implemented PMIS at Songdo New City Development project (60 projects)
· Implemented PMIS and manpower management at Burj Khalifa project
(tallest skyscraper in the World)
· Appointed as supervisory institution for virtual construction research
(17 million USD in project value)
· Contracted to implement Gateware at all Hyundai E&C project sites
· Developed ArchiCAD-based Hanssem CAD and distributes to all local stores


· Established DoallTech Ltd,.
· Signed Exclusive Distributor Agreement for ArchiCAD
· Produced Korea’s first web-based PMIS ASP service
· Produced World’s first construction site RFID-based manpower management system
· Implemented PMIS at Taiwan High-Speed Rail project

· SCP v20 launch

. GW III launch

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