Access Control Management at Burji Khalifa


Project Name: Burji Khalifa


Project Location: Dubai, UAE


Project Year: 2005


Solutions: GW, PMIS

Access Control Management at Burji Khalifa

  • Gateware has contributed to various successful projects worldwide including the Burj Khalifa construction site in 2009. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building ever constructed to this day. As such, Burj Khalifa pushed current construction technologies and methods to its limits, implementing new techniques and creative logistics.


    Gateware was selected to provide assistance in manpower management during the construction phase. With multiple subcontractors and workers speaking several different languages, an automated system was necessary to organize and keep track of human resources.


    20 Gateware devices were installed to manage around 10,000 employees on average entering the site per day. Trying to manage such a large group of people by pen and paper is impossible and hard to imagine. Over 12,000 construction workers were systematically organized and tracked with the RFID system at the peak of construction, an unprecedented feat that exceeded the record for the most workers managed on a construction site at the time

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