Project management platform to help participants collaborate and manage relevant information

Operate Your Entire

Process Online

From document creation to approvals, map out every step of your project workflow

With nexava you can:

Set-up reporting procedures to process high volumes of drawings, RFIs, change orders, and other documents

Define communication workflow for streamlined collaboration among project participants

Secure storage of all project communication and documents in the system, with version control

Manage All of Your

Project Information

and Processes

on One Platform

Choose modules based on your project needs.

Project Briefing

Document Management

Progress Management

Drawing Management

Construction/Safety/QA Reports


Manage complex workflow with PDM

  • Automate complex reporting procedures through a standardized review process and approval cycles

  • Keep a complete trail record of all decisions and changes made to documents

Project To-Go!

With the seamless mobile application, stay connected to your project wherever you go. Easy to see design helps identify project progress at a glance to stay on top of your task.

Take your project with you to the construction site for real time access to the latest information and stay connected to the office for seamless coordination.

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