Largest Concrete Pouring Operation in Korea in less than 3 Days!

Project Name: Lotte World Tower

Project Location: Seoul, South Korea

Project Year: 2010

The Lotte World Tower in Seoul, is the tallest building in Korea at 123 stories. Gateware was implemented in the early stages of the construction to manage the foundation concrete pouring operation. This was the biggest concrete pouring operation in Korea at the time in 2010.

Using Gateware they were able to track 5,300 concrete mixers, coordinated from 8 different manufacturers. Concrete was poured for 30 hours of non-stop operation. It had originally been planned for 3 days and 2 nights of operation but it was reduced to 2 days and 1 night.

They also had to assure the high-strength quality of the concrete by tracking for pouring time of within 90 minutes of leaving the manufacturer. So when the concrete mixer scans into the construction site after the 90 minutes upon leaving the manufacturer, they are sent back. About 20 vehicles were sent back for not being delivered within 90 minute time period.

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