Quantified Benefits of BIM Implementation

Project Name: LH New Headquarters

Project Location: Jinju, South Korea

This is the first project in which we were able to quantify the benefits of implementing BIM in a project. Korea Land and Housing is a government owned company that provides and develops land and housing. The owner required the general contractor to execute BIM during the construction phase of the project, so Hyundai E&C contracted with DoallTech to perform BIM implementation during this project.

The building design was very complicated so project participants had difficulties understanding the design without BIM. The design period was relatively short which caused insufficient design information.

There are about 200 subcontractors, they had to have effective and efficient communication and collaboration process among all the participants. So the owner decided to adopt BIM during the construction phase. This was the first case that BIM was implemented for the construction phase.

In Korea, subcontractors are determined only during the construction phase in public projects. So it was practically impossible for them to be involved during the design phase to resolve coordination problems at the detailed level.

Subcontractors raised a lot of issues during their detail works and coordination with other trades. Fortunately, BIM has been quite helpful to understand, communicate, and resolve the problem together. BIM data was used to help subcontractors understand the building design by referring to 3D sections and also to support fabrication of products and components.

Value analysis has been done in two ways, one is qualitative value analysis about the user satisfaction of using BIM and the other is quantitative value analysis. Quantitative value analysis has been done based on issues found through BIM execution and reports.

The results showed that the subcontractors were the most satisfied with BIM execution among the participants. For quantitative value analysis, we tracked how much impact BIM implementation contributed to the construction by focusing on waste prevention through BIM coordination. Assuming that all the issues identified through BIM implementation prevented waste, BIM issue value is estimated at as much as 20.8% of the total project budget.

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