Designed to Facilitate Faster Construction Planning and aid Decision-Making.

smartCON Planner

Temporary Construction Planning

Effortless construction planning

Aid in decision-making while planning

Intuitive graphical user interface

Visually communicate construction plan

Originally developed by Kajima Corporation to...

- Visualize construction plans faster in 3D

- Identify issues unforeseen in 2D plans

- Better communicate construction plan through visualization

Reduce Errors

smartCON Planner assists in catching errors that can only be viewed in a 3D environment, solving problems raised by lack of information from 2D planning. Modeling and planning in 3D lets users visually review the plan in 3D instead of trying to image the spatial relationships from 2D drawings, making the review more accurate and comprehensive.

Scaffolding Installation

Earth Anchor Placement

Crane Lifting Operation

Road Deck Placement

Get Things Done Faster!

smartCON planner accelerates the 3D modeling process by using pre-defined modeling tools for standard equipment. Customize these parametric BIM objects to ensure that all components comply with local specifications in size and appearance.

Improve Communication

Temporary work plan in 3D is easy to understand by project participants who may not be fluent in understanding 2D drawings. Overcome communication barriers with an intuitive 3D work plan.

2D Plan


3D Plan

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